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Enjoy the Climb

Enjoy the Climb

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Enjoy the Climb is the simplified approach to helping teams reach extraordinary heights together. This fast and easy read, Enjoy the Climb is the Pinnacle Business Operating System made simple. It breaks down the 5 key areas of the Pinnacle Approach: People, Purpose, Playbooks, Perform, and Profit.

Readers will learn practical tools to be used at every level of your organization to:

* Eliminate confusion
* Stay on track with their most critical goals
* Go beyond what they thought was possible - faster, better, and with less expense.  

Designed to engage readers at every level of the organization, each section has Key Take-A-Ways and Questions For Discussion.  This creates more ownership and buy-in across the organization. After reading this book, everyone will understand the Pinnacle Business Operating System and be able to take an active role in reaching your Pinnacle. Let’s Climb!

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